Kim Kardashian’s SEO Grade: F

Kim KardashianSometimes I think about Kim Kardashian and I salivate.  Not because I find her particularly attractive or appealing (not really my type), but because I look at all the web properties she is associated with and see a tremendous amount of untapped search engine potential.  SEO geeks like myself are essentially organic web traffic opportunists.  We can analyze and break down consumer search engine behavior quickly, and find opportunities to make money, sometimes a lot of money, for our clients. Continue reading “Kim Kardashian’s SEO Grade: F”

I Pity The Fools That Say SEO Is Dead

How many blog and article headlines have you read in recent years proclaiming that SEO is Dead? You’ll probably see more of these headlines in 2017 and 2018. It seems that virtually everyone on the planet thinks that SEO is the same as link building. If your definition of SEO is volume based link building and link scheming, then you may be right, SEO is dead. Continue reading “I Pity The Fools That Say SEO Is Dead”

What Was Google Penguin 2.1 All About?

For website owners in general and Internet marketers in particular, Google’s Penguin updates have created quite a stir.  People who simply host a personal blog or information type website may not even know about the updates or see any noticeable impact on their traffic or search result. Continue reading “What Was Google Penguin 2.1 All About?”

The Fundamentals of Kansas City SEO®

SEO has never been tougher than it is today and our Kansas City SEO® service is constantly improved to meet these new challenges. Google is always trying to weed out poor quality sites that do not providing quality information that Internet users want or need. Continue reading “The Fundamentals of Kansas City SEO®”

KC Search Engine Optimization Consultants Keep Google’s Penquin Happy

What is it about Google’s search engine algorithm updates that keeps professional web designers and content writers on their digital toes?

Simply put, recent Google’s algorithm updates target “webspam”, which is a catch-all term used to describe methods of generating artificial content and backlinks to a website in an effort to game the organic search engine rankings.  Continue reading “KC Search Engine Optimization Consultants Keep Google’s Penquin Happy”

Kansas City SEO Consultants Follow “SEO Ranking Factors”

search engine landRecently, you started a company blog that gives your take on new products coming in to the marketplace, adding content aimed at educating your customer.

However, your website’s search engine rankings have been anything but encouraging, and you’re most trusted adviser noted that your blog and website content is very one-dimensional: Continue reading “Kansas City SEO Consultants Follow “SEO Ranking Factors””

Website Designers Predict “Massive Changes” in SEO Strategies For 2013

2013 seo predictionsAs a business owner with a successful e-Commerce website, you’ve been noticing a drop in visitor traffic and fewer click-thrus to your shopping cart; this, while your competition continues to cut into your market share. Continue reading “Website Designers Predict “Massive Changes” in SEO Strategies For 2013”

Kansas City SEO Firm’s Client Voicemail Message Exposes Industry’s Seedy Underside

drunken seo sales callA recent voicemail released by a Kansas City Law firm, McCollum & Griggs LLC, while very funny, exposes a problem rarely discussed by social media and SEO-pumping news sites. You never hear about the horror stories. There are far more Internet marketing failures and down-right ripoffs than success stories. Continue reading “Kansas City SEO Firm’s Client Voicemail Message Exposes Industry’s Seedy Underside”

10 Tips For Maximizing Press Release SEO Impact

seo press releasesJust like other content you write for the web (articles, blog posts, web pages), your press release should be optimized for the most impact. Ultimately, this means an increase in targeted traffic to your press release and greater visibility. However, which services you choose for submission and how often you submit also make a difference. So, how can you ensure that your PR gets maximum exposure? Here are a few tips. Continue reading “10 Tips For Maximizing Press Release SEO Impact”