Top 10 Web Design & SEO Scams in Kansas City 2012

We field calls every day from current and prospective clients who have been burned either by SEO, Internet marketing or web design companies. Countless businesses have had their websites hijacked or held for ransom . . . or the web designer has simply vanished. With the rise of Google and the promise of search engine […]


Local Business Rainmakers

This article was published in print and online at: www.Landingsmag.com Most real estate and construction professionals recognize the power of the Internet in today’s home buying market. Virtually every buyer starts the home purchase process with a search engine query and the majority of all consumer searches (over 75%) start at Google.com or via Google-powered […]


Work In Progress

Work-in-progress.  This is a legacy page (the first inner page) from the first Kansas City Website Design website from years ago.  Congrats, you found it.