We love AeroLawCenter.com’s web design. It’s no secret that this Shawnee Web Design firm loves black websites. They are elegant, make an impression and the key phrases pop off the page. Kansas City aviation attorney Steven Blanck has been advising clients with their business aircraft transactions including structuring the acquisition consistent with Federal Aviation Regulations, negotiating purchase and financing documents and drafting associated aircraft lease, management and ownership agreements. In addition to advising on the contractual legal issues and FAA regulatory concerns of a business aircraft transaction, Steve’s practice additionally focuses on applicable federal tax consequences such as the application of the federal excise tax and the personal use of the corporate aircraft as well as addressing state and local sales and use taxes applicable to the transaction.

As a Shawnee, KS aviation tax attorney, Steven C. Blanck has dedicated his practice to advising clients with business aircraft transactions for a dozen years. His law practice focuses on various aspects related to business aviation including management and ownership agreements, negotiating purchase and financing documents, contractual legal issues and structuring acquisitions to ensure compliancy with Federal Aviation Regulations.

Because of his knowledge and in-depth understanding of regulatory policies of the IRS, DOT (Department of Transportation), FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and state taxing authorities, Steven brings an unsurpassed level of expertise and legal guidance to his clients. He understands that maximizing liability protection and minimizing potential tax consequences are important to clients; he works one on one with clients to carefully plan acquisitions and structure ownership in a way that accomplishes these goals.

As a highly regarded Kansas City aviation tax attorney, Steven Blanck’s primary focus is to help clients reduce the overall costs associated with purchasing and operating aircraft for business purposes, while offering his guidance in all related matters including tax planning, regulatory and compliance issues, developing shared ownership arrangements and more.

Steven’s professional groups and associations include Aviation Legal Professionals, Business Aviation Network, Greater Kansas City Aircraft Owners, Lawyer-Pilots Bar Association and AdviseAire – Aviation Asset Management for Trusts & Estates. Our Kansas City search engine optimization team looks forward to helping AeroLawCenter.com grow and maintain a successful online presence!

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