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Front-end web design is a commodity

News Flash: Web design is not just about design anymore.

Don’t be sold by fluffy “front end” eye-candy.

Front-end web design is a commodity – literally any web designer can create a pretty, digital brochure website.

We’ve have compiled a list of over 1,000 web design firms and digital marketing agencies in Kansas City that provide some form of web design or internet marketing services.  This does not count local metro area freelancers.

This number also does not include the countless regional and national companies that try to hard-sell you website design and SEO services on the phone everyday (be sure to read our post on the top 10 KC SEO scams). If you don’t do your homework and hire a true professional, you will buy show pony website instead of a lead-generating work horse.

Websites that Generate Leads Are Are Rare

Your website is the key to modern marketing and the only way to reach your true growth potential.  In order to build a website that generates lead, you must build it from the ground up with a strategy and with Google SEO best-practices.


You Deserve It All!

What Good is Your Website...

If it doesn’t generate leads, sales & growth?

While the hundreds of web design and SEO companies in Kansas City may be able to provide you with a great looking website, a relative handful of KC SEO firms will be able to deliver consistent, sustainable organic search engine performance at both the local and national levels.

By many measures, we are the top SEO and Internet marketing company in Kansas City.  Don’t fault us for our confidence.   All great search engine optimization professionals believe they are the best at what they do.  This Johnson County web design firm is especially tenacious.

For our team, digital marketing is much more than a career choice and way more than a paycheck.  It’s a passion. It’s about satisfying an obsessive need to compete and win.  All we care about is getting your business more phone calls, more email inquiries and more revenue growth.

Our end goal is not to hear you say: “Wow, we really love our new website design.”  But of course that will happen.  Our goal is to hear you say: “Wow, our phone is ringing like never before.  Our new site and rankings are helping grow our business.  We are taking market share from our competitors and hiring more employees.”

I am really competitive…the classic overachiever. It’s just the way I am wired. I want to dominate online and I want our clients to dominate as well.

Phil Singleton

Founder & CEO , Kansas City Web Design

Choose your web design & SEO partner carefully

You may be about to make one of the most crucial decisions you will ever make for your business. Does that sound a little over-the-top? Consider that 97% of consumers use the Internet to purchase local products and services…that’s pretty much everyone.

Web design, and especially SEO & Internet marketing, are about long term partnerships. Since the Internet drives so much new business, great SEO’s typically evolve into an advisory role – they become experts in your industry. By watching and analyzing search behavior and traffic data, we can often see new opportunities to grow your business over time, and we can contribute other ideas related to offline marketing, public relations and new product opportunities.

Try not to select web designers based only on their design portfolio – getting you the exact design you want is the easy part.  Check to see if their clients’ websites have solid search engine rankings.  A great web design with high search engine ranking potential is your objective.

Contact our Overland Park web design team and find out why more KC companies are choosing our web design and proprietary Kansas City SEO services.  We strive to be the best web designers in Kansas City.  We are exceptionally strong WordPress developers.

mark fortune

Phil Singleton is an absolute expert when it comes to the ever-changing world of SEO, I’ve learned a ton in working with him and he is my first call when I have an SEO question. Phil and his team are dedicated to exceeding your expectations for SEO and marketing services and they deliver on their promises!

Mark Fortune

Fortune Marketing LLC

The Kansas City Web Design Team

The Kansas City SEO & Web design team consists of a small army of full-time and part-time professionals.  Yet even with a great team behind the firm, our CEO is the project manager and SEO architect for every single client. There is no bait-and-switch at our company. Every client has the CEO’s cell phone number.

phil singleton seo expert

Phil Singleton

Meet your new web design and SEO partnerPhil Singleton, Founder & CEO

Phil has a BS in Finance from Fairfield University and an MBA from Thunderbird (The American Graduate School of International Management). As a finance guy, his first love is helping companies generate more phone call leads and email inquiries so his clients can grow their revenues. Web design and SEO are just a means to this end. Since the Internet drives more purchase decisions than anything else in the history of capitalism, Phil has devoted the last ten years working with companies of all sizes to dominate search engine rankings. Phil’s resume is unique and unlike any you will find in Kansas City or the Midwest. Phil:

Helped dozens of US startups and tech companies raise strategic venture capital investment (over $20 million) and cross-border licensing agreement in the Asia Pacific region.

  • Is an award winning author and 3-time Amazon best-selling author
  • Co-wrote SEO for Growth, listed by Forbes as the #1 SEO book for entreprenuers
  • Ran the global retail and online sales divisions for a best-selling line of consumer software products
  • Started a software company in Asia, raising over $1M in venture capital funding, grew to profitability with 25 employees, then sold three years later. This experience in what got him into SEO and Internet marketing…in short by following the ROI trail to SEO.
  • Is fluent in Mandarin Chinese
  • Lived in Asia for over 10 years, primarily in Taipei, Taiwan, and briefly in Beijing, Shaghai & Hong Kong. Traveled extensively throughout the Asia-Pacific region on business.
  • Lives in Overland Park, KS with wife and twin sons.
  • May be the world’s most successful SEO Internet marketer that has never had an active personal Facebook account.

Did you know?

We've helped over 60,000 business websites!

Our in-house SEO software technology has been downloaded over 600,000 times and currently helps power the search engine optimization & Google rankings for over 60,000 websites around the world.

We Know You Have Questions

Here are your answers

When was Kansas City Web Design Established?

Kansas City Web Design was established as a digital marketing agency  in 2005 by founder and CEO Phil Singleton, and has been a BBB accredited business since 2011.

Who Owns Kansas City Web Design?

Kansas City Web Design is owned by Phil Singleton, an award-winning web designer, best-selling author and nationally recognized SEO expert.

Who is the best web designer in Kansas City?

Currently Google ranks Kansas City Web Design as the top web designer in Kansas City.  Kansas City Web Design is rated #1 by Blogger Local and is ranked by UpCity as one of the top web design companies in the nation.

Why do so many companies hire KC Web Design?

Most Kansas City business owners hire KC Web Design based on the agency’s track record of success, online reviews, and long history of helping local companies generate leads and grow.

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