10 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting More Sales From Your Website

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1. You Don’t Take Your Website Seriously Enough

You spend thousands of dollars on trade shows, print, signage, vehicle wraps, television and radio advertising, but when it comes to your website, you spend very little time or money on making it the best it can be, even though you know that every single person that ever considers buying from your company will visit your website before making a final decision. In other words, you view your website as an expense – or a necessary evil – rather than a revenue-generating asset, and you’re leaving a lot of money on the table because of it.


2. You Don’ Have a Compelling Call To Action

You are spending a ton of money on marketing and advertising to drive traffic to your site, but can’t figure out why it’s not converting into more sales. It’s because you’re not directing visitors to a compelling call to action on your website in a way that converts those visits into a sale or at least draws them into your sales funnel.


3. You Don’t Manage Your Online Reputation

Your customers love you. You could easily have dozens of great online reviews. You know reviews are super important because you read customer reviews yourself! But when it comes to managing your own online reputation, you haven’t worked a review strategy into your process.


4. You Don’t Blog

You don’t spend any time creating blog content for your website. Don’t worry, you are not alone on this one. The problem is that blogging is a very important search engine ranking factor. In other words, weekly blog posts (or more) will improve your chances on popping up on the first page of Google. Furthermore, active website blogs are proven to help increase web traffic conversion rates by 150% or more.


5. Your Site Is Not Mobile Friendly

Your site is not compatible with iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices. You lose way more customers than you think because of this. Additionally, Google is making mobile friendliness a major ranking factor this year. If you have great Google rankings now and your site is not fully mobile optimized, you might be kissing those rankings goodbye soon.


6. You Are Not Active In Social Media

You’re not active in social media because “you don’t have the time” even though you know that’s not true. An active social media channel helps create demand for your products, helps your company establish a relationship with the community, and contributes to your search engine rankings.


7. You Don’t Have Any Web Videos

You don’t have any intro videos or testimonial videos on your website. You are losing a great opportunity to warm up leads by establishing trust and credibility on your website. As such, your conversion rates are not as high as they should be.


8. You’re Not Popping Up On Google Searches

You don’t have any organic search engine visibility. When you type in your product or service in your city, you are nowhere to be found. You are not making any effort at search engine optimization (SEO), or you’ve been burned by an SEO agency, or you are currently working with an SEO firm that is not getting you results.


9. You’re Not Running An Effective PPC Campaign

You already have a gut feeling that your Google AdWords campaign is not generating the amount of leads it should be. You’ve never seen the reports and don’t know how much the company you hired is spending on your campaigns or and how much of that budget they are keeping in their pocket. In fact, you’re probably paying for clicks on keywords that are irrelevant to your business, yet you’re not sure because you’ve never seen a click through report.


10. You Hired The Wrong Agency (or Web Designer)

You weren’t sure what questions to ask, so you went ahead and hired a creative agency and they gave you a great new design. Everybody you showed it to loves it. The problem is, nobody else can find it! Those web designers you hired had no idea about search engine optimization or creating a search engine friendly website. Your new site is a disaster under-the-hood and a Google knows it.



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