I Pity The Fools That Say SEO Is Dead

SEO Is Not DeadHow many blog and article headlines have you read in recent years proclaiming that SEO is Dead? You’ll probably see more of these headlines in 2014. It seems that virtually everyone on the planet thinks that SEO is the same as link building. If your definition of SEO is volume based link building and link scheming, then you may be right, SEO is dead. (more…)



Why Freelance Writers Like Writing for Small Businesses

As an SEO and Internet marketing company here in Kansas City, we struggle sometimes getting our clients to create blog content on a regular business.  They know how important blogging is for SEO, but writing content can challenging for a business owner.  Many do not have the time, and some people do not like to write.  Yet as a search engine marketing company, we MUST get quality content onto our clients blogs on a regular basis. (more…)



Capitalizing On Your KC Online Marketing Strategy: 8 Tips For Video Marketing

Online video marketing can and should be a part of your KC business’ online marketing strategy.  It is hard to imagine a business niche that can’t generate buzz from online videos, as this medium has been used to great effect.  YouTube, in fact, is the world’s second largest search engine.  (more…)



Growing Your KC Business With Content Marketing

Today it’s impossible to grow a business’s online presence without the aid of effective content marketing. But what is content marketing exactly? (more…)