Kim Kardashian’s SEO Grade: F

Kim KardashianSometimes I think about Kim Kardashian and I salivate.  Not because I find her particularly attractive or appealing (not really my type), but because I look at all the web properties she is associated with and see a tremendous amount of untapped search engine potential.  SEO geeks like myself are essentially organic web traffic opportunists.  We can analyze and break down consumer search engine behavior quickly, and find opportunities to make money, sometimes a lot of money, for our clients. Continue reading “Kim Kardashian’s SEO Grade: F”

Rosetta Stone & Google Settle 3-Year Lawsuit Related to Trademarks & Adwords

Rosetta Stone GoogleGoogle has really amped up its efforts against trademark and copyright infringement this year. This press release is carefully worded and specifies that that the two companies will they will meaningfully collaborate to:

“prevent the misuse and abuse of trademarks on the Internet” Continue reading “Rosetta Stone & Google Settle 3-Year Lawsuit Related to Trademarks & Adwords”