Responsive web design (RWD) is a way to design a single website whereby the design itself changes automatically based on the size of the viewer’s screen.  In other words, the layout of an RWD website changes when the viewing area increases or shrinks.   The purpose of responsive web design is to automatically optimize website viewing for any device.   This means websites not longer need multiple versions of a website, such as a desktop version and a mobile version.

Our KC web design website is an RWD website.  If you try viewing on a mobile devices, ipad, laptop or desktop computer, you can see that the layout and information displayed is different.  The “responsiveness” of the site reorganizes the content and displays the design components differently on each device, depending on the screen size and the orientation of the screen.

What does this mean for you?  RWD websites may be a little bit more of an investment, but more cost effective than design a desktop site and separate mobile web site(s).  Responsive websites are also much easier to manage because you only have a single content management systems.  We are KC WordPress web design experts, so the majority of our new client websites are responsive WordPress websites.  Each custom website design incorporates our exclusive Kansas City SEO® search engine friendly coding.

With KC Website Design’s responsive website development, your company will have a powerful, SEO-friendly website, with best-practices web site coding, an easy to use content management system.  Our Internet marketing team will help you to achieve maximum website visibility, ensuring that your new responsive website design will reach new customers that are searching for your product and services on the Internet.