Just like blogging and social media marketing, mobile websites are now an SEO necessity. You will get search engine ranking points for having a mobile web site version. In fact, if you try running parallel searches on a mobile phone and a desktop, laptop or other full screen device, you will see that search results will often differ. In many cases, a website will a mobile version will rank higher in an organic search if the site has a mobile website version.

In the mobile arena, while the target market and keywords may be the same, the device and place of use may be totally different. For example, if you are in your home and suddenly experience a plumbing issue, it’s quite possible you may reach for your cell phone (instead of running to your computer) to search for the best plumbers in Kansas city. For many types of businesses such as home repair, restaurants or any service that addresses urgent or emergency needs, a mobile website may more important (or more visited) than a desktop version.

There are many factors that come in to play while designing a mobile website for a brand, product or service. In most cases, mobile website user are just looking for enough information to make a phone call. Unlike desktop websites, where we a user has the screen size and often more time for reading or viewing detailed information, mobile visitors are often short on time and have more urgent informational needs. We need to reduce your website down to mission critical buttons and keywords and get your message across with less text.

The best case scenario is to design your Kansas City mobile website during your desktop web design. There are many benefits to coordinating a mobile web design with desktop website development. See our Kansas City web developer page for more details.


We follow a 7-step approach to design and launch a mobile website:

  • Target users & keywords
  • Button selection and order
  • Home page layout
  • Inner Page layout
  • Design
  • Coding
  • Testing
  • Launch

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