Kansas City Electricians: Teague Electric

Teague Electric first came to Kansas City Web Design a couple years ago.  They ended up going with a larger creative agency and paid the price.  Since over 80% of our new client projects in 2014 were rescue projects, we were inspired this year to write a book about How To Hire A Web Designer.  Most companies treat web design as a commodity graphic design, when websites have actually emerged into to central hub on their entire marketing efforts.  People simply will not hire your company without looking you up online first.  You can avoid a web design project nightmare by treating your site as an investment, and not as a cost of doing business.

Since this company’s web rankings had tanked on Google as a result of the previous inexperience with search engine optimization, we had to redesign the home page and re-code the entire site.  In one month, the rankings popped back and Teague Electric is climbing up the first page for search terms such as Kansas City electricians and related terms.

More About Teague Electric

Teague Electric is by many measures the largest commercial and residential electrical contractors in Kansas City.  Their focus has always been on giving their clients the best possible electrician service experience, whether it be in electrical construction or residential electrical repair.  Teague takes its integrity seriously, because they care about their community, and take pride in what they do.

While most Kansas City electrical contractors focus on making money off their customer and getting the most contracts, Teague has always believed that if they focus on quality service and treating their clients fairly and with respect, financial success will come naturally. This philosophy has served Teague Electric since 1978 and continues to be the foundation of their success year after year.





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