The FlexAssist

The FlexAssist is a portable flexibility enhancer invented by Jon Bremer after trying various methods to relieve his lower back pain.  After following a recommended exercise and stretching regimen recommended by his doctor, Jon still experienced enough back pain to cause frustration.  While various flexibility machines used by professional golfers captured Jon’s interest, most were beyond the average person’s budget.  Hence, he began working on a hamstring stretching device offering additional leverage during stretching so that muscles not normally affected with most methods could benefit from stretching.  The result is the FlexAssist, designed for individuals who have lower back pain not improved by a better mattress, stretching, or other solutions.

Millions of people suffer from sciatica pain or simply aching backs caused by misuse or over-use.  Certain job requirements can put an incredible amount of strain on the back, resulting in stiff muscles and soreness.  The FlexAssist is designed to ease back pain in a way that is simple and effective.  Essentially, the FlexAssist assists with stretching, increases flexibility, eliminating back pain, and reducing the risk of injury.  Whether those who suffer from lower back pain simply want relief in a job which requires a substantial amount of sitting, or athletes desire an improved range of motion, the FlexAssist works in just minutes a day.

The FlexAssist website offers a gallery, videos, and further information about this innovative and exciting new product designed to help properly stretch hamstrings and drastically reduce lower back pain.  Invented out of a need to reduce his own back pain when other products/solutions were ineffective or simply too expensive, Jon knew there was a real need for others who suffer with little or no relief available.  A pleasure to work with, our Kansas City web design company enjoyed completing the project for Jon.


Hamstring Stretching