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The owner and founder of Trina Health of Kansas, Jack West, came to use as follower of John Jantsch and the Duct Tape Marketing System.   Mr. West had presently read our book, The Small Business Owner’s Guide To Local Lead Generation, and bought into our strategy of creating websites that are specially engineered to be the heart of a modern marketing system.  We created a custom mobile WordPress website with our own blend of search engine friendly coding and tactics. (more…)



Blue Valley Cosmetic & Family Dentistry

From root canals, Invisalign procedures, and teeth whitening to basic dental services and cosmetic dentistry, the staff at Blue Valley Cosmetic & Family Dentistry has been serving clients in the Overland Park and Kansas City area for decades.  The practice also offers emergency dental services, and addresses such issues as sleep apnea and snoring.

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Kansas City Weight Loss Surgery

Dr. Stanley Hoehn, Dr. Robert Aragon and Dr. Brice Hamilton, surgeons at The Bariatric Center of Kansas City, along with physician assistants, nursing and support staff, take pride in the fact that they are the highest volume weight loss center in the Kansas City area. Offering the LAP BAND, laparoscopic gastric sleeve and laparoscopic gastric bypass procedures, the center has met with huge success performing more than 4,000 successful surgeries since 2002. (more…)



WestGlen EyeCare

Drs. Andrea & Eric Beatty of WestGlen EyeCare are leading Kansas City optometrists. Dr. Beatty of comments: “We were very happy with our custom website design, a process that evolved into creating a website presence that is a perfect complement to our new state-of-the art doctor’s office and retail store in Shawnee. (more…)



Premier Health and Wellness

A board certified OB/GYN, Dr. Screven Edgerton and the staff at Premier Health and Wellness take a different approach to wellness, striving to understand the physiologic cause for an illness rather than prescribing medications for underlying symptoms. Focusing on brain wellness, gastrointestinal and heart health, and weight management, the team at Premier uses bioidentical hormones and supplements to get patients feeling their best.

Regaining hormonal balance is one focus of the practice, which utilizes bioidentical hormones derived from plants (natural hormones) to benefit patients in many ways, including heart protection, bone health, weight loss, improved memory and mental acuity, and more. The staff at Premier Health and Wellness understand that today, the pharmaceutical industry has blindsided physicians, leaving most to prescribe synthetic substances and potentially dangerous drugs, when a more natural approach can dramatically improve not only health conditions, but a patient’s quality of life and feeling of well being.

Acupuncture treatment is another specialty of the Austin, Texas based health and wellness center. Dr. Edgerton and his staff understand that acupuncture can effectively treat numerous health concerns including digestive disorders, chronic and acute pain, depression, anxiety, and other psychological disorders, immune function, and more.

Dr. Edgerton, along with Holly Stanger, FNP, and Brooke Foreman, LAc, LMT take a very different approach than most physicians today, working personally with patients to determine how multiple organ systems are involved with various medical issues, and offering a natural approach to health care including hormone imbalance, all natural weight management, and adrenal fatigue.


Austin Hormone Doctors