How To Advertise On Top Websites For Pennies On The Dollar

If you are a business owner and you’ve tried to buy online advertising from a big media website in your market, you already know that banner advertising rates for these sites be substantial.

I recently downloaded an online advertising rate card from a top online media website and found that it would cost thousands of dollars just to run a few days worth of banner ads.  Many of our clients have been approached by TV stations and advertising agencies for display advertising services and these fees a marked up to the stratosphere.

Luckily I found a way to bypass the agency tiers a get exposure on sites like, The Kansas City Star, The Kansas City Business Journal, USA Today, and many other top tier media sites.  I am talking about the front page (and article pages) – and for pennies on the dollar! Continue reading “How To Advertise On Top Websites For Pennies On The Dollar”

Fast Food SEO Will Give Your Website A Heart Attack

We get calls from business owners and executives all the time asking our opinion about the national “big box” sellers of SEO, SEM and online lead generation services.

Here is the bottom line: SEO is a professional service and needs to be performed by experienced SEO consultants.

SEO is not an add-on service and you don’t order it like its a side a French fries. Continue reading “Fast Food SEO Will Give Your Website A Heart Attack”

Why You Need A Know-Like-Trust Web Design

Inbound marketing is a digital marketing buzzword and one you may seen on marketing websites, or if you’ve been pitched recently by a marketing firm or digital marketing agency.

In a nutshell, the ROI for traditional marketing and advertising is deteriorating.   Today’s consumers don’t buy directly from mass market advertising.  They like to search and find the best choices online.  This trend is forcing change in the web design industry.

Websites are no longer digital brochures – they are publishing platforms and marketing hubs.  Very few customers will buy from you without looking you up online first.  Even word-of-mouth and referral marketing are no longer immune from the Internet.

One of the leaders of the inbound marketing revolution is John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing.  In his best-selling book, John details his Marketing Hourglass concept which breaks down the cycle into the following 7 stages: Know-Like-Trust-Try-Buy-Repeat-Refer. Continue reading “Why You Need A Know-Like-Trust Web Design”

Dated Websites: The Dark Side Of Referral Marketing

So you say that you get most of your business from referrals. That may be true.

But the real question is: Are you getting all of your referral business?

These days, businesses and consumers will not make a major purchase from your company solely from a word-of-mouth referral without “looking you up online first.” Continue reading “Dated Websites: The Dark Side Of Referral Marketing”

How Traditional Marketing Helps SEO


Google and search engine optimization are unavoidable for businesses today.

Companies that do not have an SEO strategy are losing market share by the day.

That being said, no company should ever put all of its marketing eggs in the Google basket. Just like any personal investment, a diversified approach to marketing will ensure that you have several lead flow channels as your Google rankings ebb and flow.

While conventional wisdom is that Google and the other search engines only track online activity, is this really true? Its turns out that many forms of traditional marketing filter back through the Internet and companies like Google are trying to measure and assess this activity, and find ways to incorporate all forms of marketing and branding signals into their ranking formula.

If you position your website as the hub of all of your marketing efforts, you can extract SEO value in some unexpected places. Continue reading “How Traditional Marketing Helps SEO”

How To Hire A Web Designer

Are you struggling with the question “How To Hire A Web Designer?”

seo web design

We get thousands of phone calls every year from business owners that know they need a new website or web design help, but have no idea where to start or whom to trust.

This book How to Hire a Web Designer is a ‘how to’ web design eBook written by Phil Singleton.  Single has compiled over ten years worth experience in working with small business owners, and have packed this into a 50-page Amazon best-selling eBook.

These days, your company website is more than just a ‘site on the web’.

The Internet is the first place people look for information, products, and services – and the last place they check before making a final purchase decision. Continue reading “How To Hire A Web Designer”

What Is Google’s Mobile Friendly Update?

Google always seems to be creating some sort of buzz in the media.  These days they have been getting more and more media coverage about their frequent search engine algorithm updates.  In layman’s terms, algorithm updates are changes to the rules and factors Google uses to rank your website above or below competing websites.

The new change, one of the most prominent ones in 2015, is the ‘Mobile Friendly’ update, also referred to as ‘Mobilegeddon’. This new website ranking algorithm was feared to be digital ‘apocalypse’ as Google spokesmen stated that it would be one of the biggest algorithm updates yet.

In the aftermath, thousands of companies around the world are still hustling to meet the new mobile friendly viewing compliance guidelines.

Let’s get to the details. Continue reading “What Is Google’s Mobile Friendly Update?”

How To Develop An Online Reputation Management Strategy

Whether you like it or not, your online reputation matters. If your business doesn’t have a local online reputation management strategy, chances are you are leaving a lot of money on the table in terms of lost sales.

Thankfully, if you want to take control and develop a positive online reputation, you can.

In this article, we’re going to look at methods that you can use to in order to establish a local reputation and super-charge your online presence over the coming year.  By combining a killer online reputation strategy with an effective search engine optimization strategy, you will be able to attract more new customers than you ever thought possible. Continue reading “How To Develop An Online Reputation Management Strategy”

Local Lead Generation

Phil Singleton co-authored The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Local Lead Generation with four other Duct Tape Marketing Certified Consultants. This award winning local lead generation book was published on 6/22/15 and is an Amazon best seller.

The Small Business Owner’s Guide To Local Lead Generation has been endorsed and recommended by business leaders, national SEO and marketing experts, New York Times bestselling authors, and tech company CEOs across the country. Continue reading “Local Lead Generation”