How To Hire A Web Designer

Are you struggling with the question “How To Hire A Web Designer?”

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We get thousands of phone calls every year from business owners that know they need a new website or web design help, but have no idea where to start or whom to trust.  We’ve taken over ten years worth experience in working with small business owners, and have packed this into a 50-page eBook.

These days, your company website is more than just a ‘site on the web’.

The Internet is the first place people look for information, products, and services – and the last place they check before making a final purchase decision. Continue reading “How To Hire A Web Designer”

What Is Google’s Mobile Friendly Update?

Google always seems to be creating some sort of buzz in the media.  These days they have been getting more and more media coverage about their frequent search engine algorithm updates.  In layman’s terms, algorithm updates are changes to the rules and factors Google uses to rank your website above or below competing websites.

The new change, one of the most prominent ones in 2015, is the ‘Mobile Friendly’ update, also referred to as ‘Mobilegeddon’. This new website ranking algorithm was feared to be digital ‘apocalypse’ as Google spokesmen stated that it would be one of the biggest algorithm updates yet.

In the aftermath, thousands of companies around the world are still hustling to meet the new mobile friendly viewing compliance guidelines.

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How To Develop An Online Reputation Management Strategy

Whether you like it or not, your online reputation matters. If your business doesn’t have a local online reputation management strategy, chances are you are leaving a lot of money on the table in terms of lost sales.

Thankfully, if you want to take control and develop a positive online reputation, you can.

In this article, we’re going to look at methods that you can use to in order to establish a local reputation and super-charge your online presence over the coming year.  By combining a killer online reputation strategy with an effective search engine optimization strategy, you will be able to attract more new customers than you ever thought possible. Continue reading “How To Develop An Online Reputation Management Strategy”

Local Lead Generation

Our own Phil Singleton has coauthored a book on lead generation published on 6/22/15.  The book was written by a small team of seasoned marketing consultants with decades of experience and thousands of clients between them.

The Small Business Owner’s Guide To Local Lead Generation has been endorsed and recommended by business leaders, national SEO and marketing experts, New York Times bestselling authors, and tech company CEOs across the country. Continue reading “Local Lead Generation”

10 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting More Sales From Your Website

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1. You Don’t Take Your Website Seriously Enough

You spend thousands of dollars on trade shows, print, signage, vehicle wraps, television and radio advertising, but when it comes to your website, you spend very little time or money on making it the best it can be, even though you know that every single person that ever considers buying from your company will visit your website before making a final decision. In other words, you view your website as an expense – or a necessary evil – rather than a revenue-generating asset, and you’re leaving a lot of money on the table because of it.

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10 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring A Web Designer

how-to-hire-web-designersIn the old days of the Internet, business owners shopped for web design services the same way they shopped for print advertising.  All that really mattered back then were graphic design and pricing.

Today, your website is no longer just a site on the web.  It’s REQUIRED to be lead generator, a profit center and a content marketing platform.

If you are looking for bid on a website, you are viewing your site the wrong way – you need to focus on results shopping, not price shopping.

Remember, its not about winning design awards, its about winning new customers.

So here we go, these are the questions that you absolutely must ask before choosing any web designer.

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The Top 5 Women In SEO Today

top women seo expertsSEO is a male dominated field. As I think back on the thousands of SEO blog posts and articles I’ve read over the years, the vast majority of them were written by men. That being said, last week when I asked myself to name the top women in SEO (without searching), only four names came to mind immediately.  When I thought a little more about the rise of content-driven SEO and how many thought leaders in social media and content marketing are starting to become influencers in the hard-core SEO communities I follow, a fifth person cam to mind pretty quickly.

I know there are MANY more super-talented women in SEO, but in terms of top women SEO experts these are the names that came to mind instantly. I have very specific reasons why I remember them and how they continue to stay on my radar. Your list may be different than mine and probably is. Continue reading “The Top 5 Women In SEO Today”

Did Penguin 3.0 Twerk Up On Your Website Like A Bad Miley Cyrus Video?

google penguin 3.0Its official, Penguin 3.0 has landed. It’s been over a year since Google’s link spam fighting algorithm has been updated or refreshed.

Some webmasters have feared this update, others have been praying for it. The update, the sixth version of this particular algorithm, was officially rolled out on October 17th 2014. Per Google, it will take weeks for Penguin to completely roll out globally. Continue reading “Did Penguin 3.0 Twerk Up On Your Website Like A Bad Miley Cyrus Video?”

10 Reasons Why I Fell In Love With ASmallOrange Web Hosting and Dumped HostGator

kansas city web hostingMy name is Phil Singleton and I run a boutique Internet marketing and web design company Kansas City. This is an honest feedback from a real customer – we are NOT an affiliate nor do we have any other relationship with other than being a very happy customer.  In the last year, we’ve hosted over 100 new websites on ASO.

Last year was a tough year for me and my previous ‘GoTo’ host of nearly ten years: HostGator. Finally, toward the end of 2013, we ‘broke up’ (but hey, we still have A LOT of client websites and some of our own websites still hosted at HG). After weeks of searching for a new hosting partner – and we researched hard this time around – when we found ASmallOrange, it was pretty much love at first site. And after several months in this relationship, we are more in love than ever. While my web design firm only has a couple dozen clients hosted at ASO so far, we recommend this provider to all new accounts. We still have tons of accounts at our previous hosting provider, but rest assured as those annual hosting packages come up for renewal, we will almost certainly be transitioning everyone to ASO! Here’s why: Continue reading “10 Reasons Why I Fell In Love With ASmallOrange Web Hosting and Dumped HostGator”