How To Advertise On Top Websites For Pennies On The Dollar

If you are a business owner and you’ve tried to buy online advertising from a big media website in your market, you already know that banner advertising rates for these sites be substantial.

I recently downloaded an online advertising rate card from a top online media website and found that it would cost thousands of dollars just to run a few days worth of banner ads.  Many of our clients have been approached by TV stations and advertising agencies for display advertising services and these fees a marked up to the stratosphere.

Luckily I found a way to bypass the agency tiers a get exposure on sites like, The Kansas City Star, The Kansas City Business Journal, USA Today, and many other top tier media sites.  I am talking about the front page (and article pages) – and for pennies on the dollar! Continue reading “How To Advertise On Top Websites For Pennies On The Dollar”

Dated Websites: The Dark Side Of Referral Marketing

So you say that you get most of your business from referrals. That may be true.

But the real question is: Are you getting all of your referral business?

These days, businesses and consumers will not make a major purchase from your company solely from a word-of-mouth referral without “looking you up online first.” Continue reading “Dated Websites: The Dark Side Of Referral Marketing”

How Traditional Marketing Helps SEO


Google and search engine optimization are unavoidable for businesses today.

Companies that do not have an SEO strategy are losing market share by the day.

That being said, no company should ever put all of its marketing eggs in the Google basket. Just like any personal investment, a diversified approach to marketing will ensure that you have several lead flow channels as your Google rankings ebb and flow.

While conventional wisdom is that Google and the other search engines only track online activity, is this really true? Its turns out that many forms of traditional marketing filter back through the Internet and companies like Google are trying to measure and assess this activity, and find ways to incorporate all forms of marketing and branding signals into their ranking formula.

If you position your website as the hub of all of your marketing efforts, you can extract SEO value in some unexpected places. Continue reading “How Traditional Marketing Helps SEO”

Why Freelance Writers Like Writing for Small Businesses

As an SEO and Internet marketing company here in Kansas City, we struggle sometimes getting our clients to create blog content on a regular business.  They know how important blogging is for SEO, but writing content can challenging for a business owner.  Many do not have the time, and some people do not like to write.  Yet as a search engine marketing company, we MUST get quality content onto our clients blogs on a regular basis. Continue reading “Why Freelance Writers Like Writing for Small Businesses”

B2B Email Marketing Method for SEO Companies

email marketing


Background: We (Kansas City Web Design) do virtually no direct marketing.  Absolutely no telemarketing.  No offline marketing or advertising. We sent out a flyer ONCE last year because we have a printer client and they convinced us to try.  We picked up one new great client from that mail-out, but not enough of an ROI to do again.  Here are the three way we get new clients: Continue reading “B2B Email Marketing Method for SEO Companies”

Kansas City Yellow Pages – Are You Serious?

yellow pages seoThis is meant to be a review for people that use or are considering using Kansas City Yellow Pages, or any other similar print phone directory service that offers similar paid print advertising service in Kansas City.

We often get clients or prospective clients asking us about phone directory advertising – as in should they continue or consider doing it. It still blows us away that business still pay for print advertising in place like the Yellow Pages. Continue reading “Kansas City Yellow Pages – Are You Serious?”

Hiring Internet Marketing Consultants in Kansas City

internet marketing kansas cityThe generally accepted definition of Internet marketing (also known as online marketing) is any type of marketing or promotion of products or services over the Internet. The range and elements of the definition may vary. Some Internet marketing consultants will include internet marketing to cover all forms of online marketing, while others (like ours) will separate Internet marketing and organic search engine optimization. Regardless of the definition, most accomplished Internet marketing experts will develop a comprehensive online visibility strategy and will calibrate Internet marketing goals with those of the client company’s traditional & offline marketing efforts. Continue reading “Hiring Internet Marketing Consultants in Kansas City”

eReleases Press Release Distribution: Exceptional. Creative. Inspiring.

Although this article is highly favorable about eReleases, it’s less about providing a positive review, and more about highlighting things the company does really well and how we may be able to learn and apply some of these things to my / our own businesses. Continue reading “eReleases Press Release Distribution: Exceptional. Creative. Inspiring.”